Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writing and Writers: Karen Lenfestey

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Lenfestey Writes About Women For Women

Karen Lenfestey is a writer of women's fiction, a genre with wide appeal. People are hungry for stories about real people living through real situations, and her novels fill the bill. A Sister's Promise and What Happiness Looks Like, are novels about two sisters, Kate and Joely, and the family ties that bind them.

In our interview Karen said she wanted to create characters and situations that draw the reader in and make them want to read more. She relates the events of their lives with sensitivity and understanding. The dilemma for Kate in the first book is her inability to conceive a child and her need to be there for her sister when her world is falling apart. Joely is faced with a frightening health diagnosis, the birth of her child and the loss of the man with whom she'd expected to spend her life.

In What Happiness Looks Like Joely must come to terms with her first love's return to her life, not for her, but to establish a relationship with Ana, the daughter he has never seen. Joely's illness keeps her from getting on with her life on many levels, and her betrayal by Ana's father gets in the way of her trusting any relationship. His return confuses her and angers Kate. Despite her reservations, Joely does not feel she should keep Ana apart from her dad. 

It's all about expectations and how life turns out. Karen takes on complex and painful issues with heart and delicacy.  

About the author: Karen Lenfestey, a Midwest Writers Fellowship winner, sold over 25,000 copies of her first novel, A Sister's Promise. Its sequel, What Happiness Looks Like, is now available. Her work has also been published in magazines and on a billboard in Times Square. She studied advertising at Purdue University and counseling at Indiana University. For more about the author click here.

In Las Vegas, NM the books may be ordered through Tome on the Range.


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