Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and new beginnings

Happenstance Literary

I not only have change, I have a plan... sort of

 If you have read the most recent Happenstance Literary you will know Dec. 18 is the final live Writer's Block radio show featuring writers from around the country and Canada. I make this decision with some ambivalence because I do enjoy what I'm doing and am hugely grateful to Joseph Baca, owner of KFUN/KLVF, for allowing me to be on the air with the program for more than a year, and to Nancy Colalillo, owner of Tome on the Range, for sponsoring it during that time. My decision hinges in part on my age, but also on me taking on more work and having looming deadlines to meet. Add to that the launch (re-launch?) of my e-zine and you have a formula for STRESS! Something had to go.

I hope to continue Writer's Block as a Q&A in Happenstance Literary and on this blog. I'll have to see how or if I can make that work. I also intend (read will-do-it-maybe) to have book reviews on this site, some written by me and some from other sources (maybe Tome staffers?). All of this is speculative at this point because I'm trying to scale back, not ramp up. Mostly I want to get back to writing.

Please check out Happenstance Literary. The last free issue is available for reading on your computer or tablet. Just download it as a PDF or read it right from your device. I don't mind limited sharing of the zine as I want to build a loyal subscriber base, so pass it on to those who you think would be likely customers and writers for the zine. From now to the end of December take advantage of the buy one, get one free offer to new subscribers. Pay $12 for your subscription and have a second subscription sent to a friend at no cost to you. For more information about this offer e-mail sharon@vandermeerbooks.com.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed and safe holiday.