Monday, December 5, 2011

Tuesday's Guests: Ron Wooten-Green and Anne Hosansky

Snowy Day in Las Vegas, NM
It’s a little late to get this message out, but here it is anyway. Assuming the snow doesn’t prevent me getting up the hill, I’ll be on KFUN tomorrow with Writers’ Block. It may end up that both my guests call in. Ron Wooten-Green, author of When the Dying Speak and A Fine Line of Distinction, In Search of Roots, will be in the studio if he can get there, and Anne Hosansky, author of Turning Toward Tomorrow, Widow’s Walk and Ten Women of Valor, will be calling in from New York state.

A little of this and a little of that
How is Writer’s Block doing? I guess the audience is the judge of that. I’d like to get feed back, good or bad. The only way we improve in life is to listen to constructive criticism. What I enjoy is talking to people who are passionate about what they do. I just picked up Anika Nailah’s book, Free, from Tome on the Range Sunday afternoon. It is full of short stories about what it means to be free. I’ve just started reading and find it intriguing. The stories are like quick punches that stop just short of your nose, a little startling and certainly thought provoking. I like Anika’s style of writing and the way she leaves you wondering what happens next. 

Tome on the Range is sponsoring a writing contest for youth. I haven’t talked to Nancy about this but maybe we can read the winners’ work on the air or get them on the air and let them read their work. 

If you are a writer and are interested in being on Writers’ Block please contact me at I want to talk to authors, poets, and essayists. 

Why a program about writing? Because reading is the most effective way to learn, and you can’t have books, articles and stories without writers. I also want to encourage people to write who never expect nor want anyone else to read what they write. Writing through whatever is affecting you is another way of dealing with life’s ups and downs.

Tune in every Tuesday morning at around 8:45 a.m., MST for Writers’ Block. And don’t forget you can listen online at

Writing Challenge 
Once a month beginning tomorrow I’ll be giving a writing prompt to listeners. The challenge is to write a short story, poem, essay or article using the phrase as the first line. You’ll have two weeks from the day the prompt is given to submit your work. E-mail it to or mail it to Sharon Vander Meer, PO Box 187, Las Vegas, NM 87701. 

Submissions must be type-written and can be no more than 750 words.

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