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New Mexico Showcased in March 27 Program

Writers’ Block guests on March 27 talked about traveling New Mexico and fitness as a way of life. Author Sharon Niederman will talk about her book Signs & Shrines, Spiritual Journeys Across New Mexico on Saturday, March 31, 3 p.m. at Tome on the Range. Writers' Block streams live each Tuesday at 9 a.m. MST, at

A Travel Guide to New Mexico Adventures 

Author Sharon Niederman

If you want a fun travel guide for New Mexico Signs & Shrines, Spiritual Journeys Across New Mexico by Sharon Niederman, is the book for you. The guide is informational and interesting, the language clear and concise and the sites fun and intriguing.

Sharon says for her life is a spiritual journey and many of the places she has been have provided her with meaningful experiences, and fodder for her books. Signs & Shrines is one of seven books she has written or collaborated on. Her novel Return to Abo is now available as an e-book and the others are all available at most indie bookstores and on-line retailers. See Sharon’s website for titles and more information.

The author and her latest book will be featured at a Tome on the Range on Saturday, March 31 at 3 p.m.

What I liked about Signs & Shrines is that it made me fall in love with New Mexico all over again. I’ve had dreams of living by the ocean and then I think about all the quirky out-of-the-way treasures just down the road, and I realize this is the best place to be.

Sharon said the stories used in her latest book come from information gathered over a 20-year period. The areas touched on include such places at Chimayo, Chaco Canyon, Santa Fe and Taos. And it isn’t just the place; it’s the journey. The Old Spanish Trail, Roads of the Ancestral Puebloans, The Path of the Migrations are some of the paths along the way.

The book is intended as a travel guide, but it is so much more. It’s easy to follow with chapters organized by region with entries listed under categories that I think of as calls to action. Instead of “places of interest,” Sharon calls one section, “Discover,” which is a friendly reminder that when you travel you are on an adventure of discovery. Recreate (outdoor fun), cherish (shopping for the original and unique), meander (day trips and off the beaten path attractions), renew (meditation, spas and retreats), nourish (food), respite (lodging), celebrate (local festivals) and on the town (entertainment venues). These headings encourage the reader to get up and get with it. 

An added bonus is Sharon’s photography. Iconic color photos of people doing what people do, sacred images and scenic shots fill the book with enticing reasons to spend your tourist dollar in mystical and magical New Mexico.

Buy the book and keep it in your car. You never know when you might like to take a side trip that will lead to an adventure.

Fitness Trainer Motivates and Inspires

Creating a better life for other people fits into Rico Marciano’s life just fine. He has worked with many people who thought disability was a permanent condition. Through fitness and diet he has helped people regain strength and mobility, but more importantly he has helped motivate his clients to be and do their best against the odds.

This energetic entrepreneur is a TV and radio personality in Florida and is working on a manuscript about his experiences as a fitness instructor. He has written and produced a documentary about his work and has written scripts awaiting a producer.

I enjoyed my conversation with Rico, which was high energy and non-stop. It is as though he’s busy getting as much out of life as he possibly can. During his he career he has won championships in every sport and performed in film, TV, theater, nightclubs and on radio.
 As a Certified Physical Fitness Instructor, he designs exercise programs for various neurological and orthopedic disabilities, programs for athletes, breast cancer survivors, and conditioning. He has won multiple awards including Trainer of the Year and Chip Van Wanderham Achievement Award for his work with the disabled.

Tune in next week for the latest reads at Tome on the Range with Michael Siewert, and a conversation with
Roslynn Alexander, who says she is an artist who uses words in her art.

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