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Writing and Writers: Amanda Farmer

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Pastor or Predator: Parents Protect Your Children

Amanda Farmer has experienced something you only hope your child will never experience. She was the victim of a sexual predator who took advantage of his position to manipulate her. From the time she was 13 until after her marriage, she was subjected to overt emotional and physical abuse by the minister of her church.

Ironically at some point she understood that what was happening to her was wrong yet she could not seem to break the hold her minister had on her. In Preacher's Pet Amanda recounts how her trust in and love for this grandfatherly figure twisted into a “love” relationship she felt compelled to maintain and keep secret. She agreed to never tell because she feared the consequences to the preacher and his wife. He said he would go to prison and his wife would be so distraught she might kill herself.

Amanda at 13 couldn’t separate fact from fiction and increasingly became dependent on the “special love” he had for her.

On her website Amanda writes in a personal letter to her readers: “…this is my story of childhood sexual abuse. This is a story that I thought I would never tell; never in a million years, but one day it occurred to me that I had a story that people (especially parents) needed to hear.

“I long for this message to get to all parents and grandparents of young children and teens. Parents need to know and always be aware that those who abuse children are not just the creepy men that give us a bad feeling in our gut. They are preachers, teachers, and mentors. The very people our children and we ourselves may love and trust…

Parents protect your children and never let your guard down with anyone.”

The book includes disturbing details. Amanda said she thought it was important to be open about what happened to her so people would understand how innocent beginnings can become twisted into something emotionally damaging to the victim.

The story does not have a happy ending as her abuser never went to court for his crimes. In her view he has, however, received his punishment having suffered many debilitating illnesses.

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  1. How awful as a mother my self I hope I can keep this from happening to my kids. I hope everyone will buy the book so they can be aware of how things like this can happen right under our noses.