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Writer's and Writing: Sally Jadlow

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Prompt winner writes uplifting books

Sally Jadlow came into her own as a writer 25 years after her first attempt to get published. In our Tuesday, June 5 interview she said she learned through experience that you don’t send more than 300 pages of poetry unsolicited to a publisher. “I got the box back with a kind note suggesting that in the future I select three or four poems to send in.”

She laughs about it now, but the experience was sufficiently daunting that she filed the box of poems under the bed and got on with the rest of her life, which included a husband and over time four children and a growing extended family.

“I didn’t discover writing groups and other writing resources that could help newbies like me until years later.”

Sally is the winner of the April 10 Writer’s Block writing prompt contest. The following is her winning entry. Her reward for winning included this interview on Writer’s Block, a copy of my e-book, Tiger Lilly and being featured on the WB blog.

A Fishy Tale
By Sally Jadlow

I opened the door
and was surprised to find
a cookie tin,
with note attached which read,
“Just for you. Enjoy.”

“Mom, look what I got!”
We carefully opened the lid
to discover
a pile of dirt
with fat worms inside.

Mom laughed
as I shoved on the lid.

Then I felt the note
on the bottom of the tin.
It read,
“Meet me at the fishing hole.
Bring the worms.
Love, Don.”

When I got there,
he baited my hook
with a worm from the box,
then dumped the dirt.

On top, sat a ring.
Don said, “Will you marry me?”
We’ve been fishing for fifty years.

I thought the poem was a hoot. It just goes to show you that good writers can tackle anything!

I enjoyed our Tuesday interview. Sally is a highly motivated woman whose areas of expertise include spiritual counseling, conducting Bible studies and teaching writing. She is dedicated to reaching out and helping others. Her work as a chaplain for corporations in the greater Kansas City area takes her into workplaces across the city where she visits with employees, “… at their desks, in grease pits and in warehouses.”
She said writing is one means by which she copes with the often difficult conversations she has with people. “It’s hard to hear these stories. Writing is a bit of an escape.“

It has been said of her work that she writes “… stories that encourage us to view prayer as one might view breathing. Her affirming and delightful vignettes cause the reader to conclude that prayer should be our natural and immediate response to all of life circumstances no matter how seemingly mundane or dramatic.” 

The intent of her books, “God’s Little Miracle Books I and II,” is to bring comfort. She wanted to provide brief stories about how people overcome hardship through prayer and faith. She is gratified to know that her work makes a difference. “I don’t have to know them (her readers). They can be reading my book at 3 a.m. a world away and be helped.” Some of the stories are from personal experiences, while others are about people she has encountered through her work.

She said the most difficult part of writing is choosing stories that will bless people in those tight spots that happen in the lives of all. When she hears from readers about how the books have helped she is grateful and humbled.   

Sally has also written what she calls a book of “faction” blending diary entries from her great grandfather with family lore. The Late Sooner, recounts the Oklahoma land rush and the life and times of pioneer families.

Sally’s books are available at on her website. For information about the author go to


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  1. I shared this!!! I'm so inspired by your genuine voice and the blessing in your faith. So beautiful. Thank you for featuring Sally, Sharon and a big congratulations to you, Sally!!

    1. Hear, hear!! Thank you for this, Sally! God bless you "reel" good. ;)

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Sally was a wonderful interview.

  3. Sharon, Thank-you for sharing a wonderful author! You both are an inspiration to many! Sally, I really enjoed reading a little about you. God bless.