Friday, January 13, 2012

On the air with Cindy Charlton

Cindy Charlton is working on a book and developing her professional speaking and writing career. She has multiple talents and is a mom watching two sons grow up faster than she may be ready for.

She had always loved writing, but did not blossom as a writer until tragedy beat her thoroughly about the head and shoulders. Cindy suffered an illness that left her with prosthetic legs and minus one arm below the elbow. Two years later her husband died following a two-year battle with cancer. She said she had no choice but to be a survivor. Cindy is working to build her writing platform and her speaking career while remaining dedicated to being a mom. She has an indomitable spirit. She is funny, thoughtful and passionate. In her interview she read from an essay about her illness and her husband’s passing, and talks about why being a survivor is for her a must, not an option.

I highly recommend becoming a follower of her blog, A Survivor’s Handbook. Below is the beginning of her December blog, Choose Happiness. Keep reading, especially if you’re looking for something that will make you stop and think about all the reasons to be happy in your life, despite bumps in the road.

From The Survivor’s Handbook: “’Happiness runs in a circular motion…you can be happy if you let yourself be.’ These are lyrics to a song I used to sing when I was a child. The tune was simple and easy to harmonize with, which was why I liked it.  But as I think about this song, I begin to realize that although the tune is simple, the lyrics are profound.” Read more… 

Become a follower. You will find inspiration, something to make you smile and much you can relate to.
One of Cindy’s essays has been accepted for Chicken Soup for the Soul which comes out in March. She will be back on the air soon to talk about that and other writing projects.

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