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A columnist, an author and a bookseller went into a bar…

On KFUN, live in the studio.
Well, they didn’t go into a bar, but they were guests on Writers’ Block. Two of my favorite people joined me this last Tuesday to talk about writing and books: Art Trujillo and Nancy Colalillo.

Art is a witty fellow and a wonderful commentator on life, language and current events. He talked about his column in the Optic, Work of Art, how he comes up with his column ideas, and the frustration of not being perfect as a copy editor. Well, he didn’t say it quite that way, but he did mention that perhaps criticism can be a bit irksome.

As a bit of a critic himself when it comes to grammar and punctuation, he recognizes constructive criticism when it comes from others and takes it with good grace… mostly. It’s too bad we didn’t get around to talking about his other passion, photography. Watch out when you see him coming with a camera in hand, he’s likely to take a shot of you and post it on Facebook.

What I like about Art’s column - which according to his son Stan in Denmark has been read by people in every state in the U.S.A. - is his honesty, humor and ability to hone in on the very subjects people want to read about. He is often topical, sometimes nostalgic and always on target. As a home-grown Las Vegan he remembers vividly what happened years ago. Admittedly these memories don’t always jibe with his family’s memories, but as Art said, they are his memories and when he shares them with us, it makes us all smile.
Art should think about collecting his columns into a book. I know people would buy a collection of essays that recalls the Las Vegas of yesteryear from the perspective of someone who watched the town grow up. Thanks, Art, for taking time to be on the show with me.

Nancy was as always informative. She talked about World Book Night, a fantastic opportunity to share the love of reading. People who are selected to be part of the book give away will have 30 books to give to people who are light readers.

There is a world of discovery in books. On World Book Night, April 23, those doors of discovery will open all over Las Vegas and all over the US. The expectation is that 50,000 books will be given away.

The deadline to sign up is looming – Feb. 6, so click on World Book Night and apply to be a distributor.
Nancy also talked about the Feb. 19 salon at Tome on the Range, a discussion of Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche.

The Tome website blurb reads: “Is mental illness the latest Western export, a new form of imperialism?  Journalist Ethan Watters investigates how others' embrace of Western ideas of mental health and illness impacts local cultures and indigenous methods for coping.”

You can go to the Tome website to read reviews of the book. The conversation will be facilitated by Nancy.

My call-in guest was Cindy Cromer, the author of Desperate Measures, a suspense novel set in St. Kitts. A perfect vacation turns into a fast-paced race to find out who is disrupting the lives of Caitlin and her family with deadly intent. Cindy has had favorable reviews and is working on the next installment.

Cindy said her challenge with the second book is to create something entirely fresh and new and yet keep the threads of the Desperate Measures storyline.

I’m sure she can do it. Her enthusiasm for writing was evident in our interview. It is obvious she has a passion for creating interesting and realistic characters.

From her publisher’s website: “Cindy Huefner Cromer, formally a New Jersey resident, now resides in Stuart, Florida, with her husband, son, and daughter. Cindy works as a laboratory scientist and executive. As the president of a laboratory network, she has written numerous laboratory procedures and research documents. Driven by a passion for suspense and mystery novels, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her dream turned into reality with the release of her debut suspense novel, Desperate Measures. She is currently working on her second novel, Desperate Deceptions. Plots are in place for her third and fourth books.

So that’s a wrap for Tuesday, Jan. 31. My very best intention is to get my website updated from week to week with a summary of that week’s program. That doesn’t always happen. I have great guests and hope listeners will enjoy hearing about writers and how they create the books we love to read.

Next week tune in to learn about the winner of my first writing challenge. Jose Vasquez will be there to read his story and talk about writing. My call-in guest is a writer who says when he is in the zone he can write 12,000 words a day. I can tell you folks, that is NOT an easy thing to do. Mark Tierno has written a massive work of science fiction. I haven’t read Maldene, but I am intrigued. Tune in Feb. 6 to find out more.

Writers’ Block streams live at 8:45 a.m., MST Tuesdays on KFUN.

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